CPHS : About Us

The Canadian Polish Historical Society is a Canadian-based organization founded February 16, 2005 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The organization is dedicated to advancement of the knowledge and studies of Polish history, traditions and culture through collecting and archiving important historical records of accomplishments of Polish descent in Edmonton and Alberta, keeping records of Canadian-Polish immigrants and organizing and sponsoring exhibitions, lectures and seminars.

Our mission is to preserve our heritage and bring to your screen the history of Polish settlers in Edmonton and area. As well as to retain their historical records and share them with the general public.

One of the first CPHS goals was to research, and publish 100-year history of Polish education in Edmonton, Alberta to keep Polish language and culture alive in Canada. This effort was accomplished in 2009 by publishing a book entitled "Polish Education in Edmonton (1906-2006)". This book describes the development of Polish schools in Edmonton and area with an emphasis on Polish programs established in three Edmonton.s schools: Henryk Sienkiewicz Saturday Polish School, Maria Chrzanowska Saturday Polish School, and Jan Pawel II Polish Bilingual Program. The book contains rich illustrations and photographs related to history of these schools. To see more information regarding this book go to here.

The next very important objective of CPHS is to establish a historical museum to preserve and retain for future generations Polish traditions and historical records. The museum will exhibit various objects connected to Polish history with an emphasis on I and II World War. The museum is going to be actively involved in providing expositions and periodic exhibitions that will shape international image of Poland in Canada. Therefore, if you or anybody you know, have any memorabilia, letters, photographs, handicraft, numismatic objects, medals or documents with emphasis on World I or II, or other documents of historical value, and are willing to donate them to the museum, please contact CPHS at: (780) 483-5909 or email cphsalberta@gmail.com. These donations may be a full gift for the museum or a temporary deposit that could be cancelled any time. To view our virtual museum go to http://www.cphsvirtualmuseum.com/.