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Polish Education in Edmonton (1906-2006)

"Polish Education in Edmonton (1906-2006)" is the first book published by the Canadian-Polish Historical Society (CPHS). The book has researched and documented the hundred-year-old history of Polish education in Edmonton. The book was written by W. Jagniszczak and T. Szlamp-Fryga, and edited and published by the Canadian Polish Historical Society in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 2009.

The "Polish Education in Edmonton (1906-2006)" is the first such book describing the history of Polish educational establishments in Edmonton and vicinity. The book.s main focus is on Henryk Sienkiewicz Polish Saturday School in Edmonton with its more than fifty years of activity in the city. The book also describes the history of other heritage schools, such as Maria Chrzanowska Polish Saturday School as well as Jan Pawel II Polish Bilingual Program and their meaning for the Polish community in Edmonton and Alberta. The Polish community in Edmonton can be proud of its more than 100 years of achievement in the domain of Polish education.

The Board of Directors of the CPHS hopes this book will be both informative and enjoyable reading, not only for Canadians of Polish origin, but for all Canadians interested in the importance of heritage education and its contribution to Canada.s Cultural Mosaic.

Polish Education in Edmonton
ISBN 978-0-9737568-0-7

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